The Knox Box

In 2012 the Robins Fire Department began using the Knox-Box system to help better serve the citizens and businesses of Robins. You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Knox Box below.  If you have additional questions regarding the Knox Box program please call Robins City Hall at (319) 393-0588.

What is the Knox-Box?
The Knox-Box is a small and secure key-holder that is mounted outside of residences, commercial/ public buildings, churches, or industrial facilities. (Pictures posted below)

Knox Box MountedKnox Box Details

What does the Knox-Box do?
The Knox-Box requires no maintenance, and is simply mounted on the specified building. In the event of an emergency, authorized fire department personnel have access to a master key, which will open up the Knox-Box on the designated building. Inside the Knox-Box, owners can store the key to their home or business which will allow firefighters access.

Why should I install a Knox Box on my home or business?
With the Knox-Box firefighters are able to gain entry into the building without having to break a door or window; which can be very costly to replace. This minimizes losses for the property owner, and reduces time to gain entry into the building or home in the event of a fire or other emergency. After the Robins Fire Dept. has dealt with the emergency, the building can be again secured. This provides you the owner with a secure building when the emergency is over.  The Knox-Box for the home can be particularly valuable in the event of a medical emergency.  In the event a person calls 911 but cannot get to the door to unlock it, the Knox-Box can allow emergency medical personnel fast access without risking any damage to a door or window.

Is the system secure?
The Knox-Box Master Key Retention unit is mounted inside of the fire trucks (see photo below). This provides accountability with an audit trail giving the date, time and user ID for each key release. This means that only in the event of an emergency will your building be accessible by authorized members of the fire department. The Knox-Box and the Master Key retention unit are also both tamper resistant.

Knox Box Truck Mount

What does a Knox-Box cost and which one should I order?
- For a commercial (business/non residence) you must order a Knox Box 3200 series box. The cost is $215 to $265 (depending on the color; Black or Bronze; you choose). The box must also have a lift off door and the box must be a surface mount box.
- For a residential (home) Knox Box 1650 series box. The cost is $159 to $210 (depending on the color you choose Black or Bronze). The box must also have a lift off door.

How do I get one?
Ordering a Knox Box is really easy. Following the steps below to order your Knox Box online will be easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the number series of Knox Box you will be ordering based on the above requirements (I.e.: 3200 series or 1650 series) on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Next search for Robins Fire Dept. by either typing in 52328 in the zip code search and or typing Robins under the Department/City search.
  4. Select Robins Fire Dept.
  5. Select the model of Knox Box you will be ordering. Robins Fire Dept requires that the box be:
    • Surface mount
    • Lift off door
    • Black or Bronze
  6. Fill out your billing and contact information and finish your order.

Who installs my Knox Box?
You as the property owner are responsible for installing the Knox Box. When you have the box installed contact City Hall at (319) 393-0588.

How do I get the Knox Box locked and What do I need for keys?
When you have the Knox Box installed and you need to contact City Hall so that the Robins Fire Dept. can come put the door on the box and lock it. An authorized member of the Robins Fire Dept will come out to your building and place the key(s) inside the box and lock it. Inside you will need any keys that the Fire Dept may need to access every part of the building. This could just be a master key for the entire building or multiple keys. All Keys inside the Knox Box need to be labeled prior to Robins Fire coming out to lock the box.

**Disclaimer: Robins Fire Dept. does not specifically endorse Knox Box nor do they receive any financial gain from you obtaining one**

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